Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a Day

To begin let me say the funeral was beautiful and with my moms guidance I was able to keep my emotions in check. If that had been the extent of my day I would have been home free ... however ....

Joe, my husband and I go for coffee every morning. He and Betsy, the blog dog pull the car out so I can get in and away we go. Yesterday there was a problem, a theft. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have said "don't leave your wallet in the car, lock your car if you're leaving it in the drive way, and put the garage door down." Does he listen? No. So I finally gave up, he's a grown man, he doesn't need a mama. WRONG!!! He has developed a bad habit of leaving his car in the driveway during the day because "it stays warm inside." The windows are down, doors unlocked etc. Before I go up to bed at night I make sure the garage doors are down, all the doors are locked, and the house is secure for the night.

Yesterday morning I noticed day light shining under the door leading into the garage. This meant the garage doors are up, hum, Joe must have been out already this morning. As I go out to get into his car hes looking inside at a mess in his seat. He asks me "did you do this?" "No, I'm not in the habit of throwing the contents of your car all over the seat and floor." Someone finally got into his car and took his wallet, cell phone and the garage remote control. Hum, imagine that. The doors are unlocked, windows down and a wallet and cell phone in plain view. They hit a home run. Joe panics, debit card, credit cards, license etc, etc all gone. Since he is terribly hearing impaired the phone is difficult for him to use. I get to make all the calls to cancel cards, order new ones file a police report, go with him to get a new phone and on and on. What a fun day. He finally turned to me and said "this was a hard way to learn a lesson." Oh how I had to bite my tongue and not say "I told you so." Men, why don't they think we know anything? Today we go the the DMV (gotta love that place) to get a replacement license, to the mall for a new wallet, Costco for a new card and finally HOME! This is what love is all about, I'm giving up my quilt day with the girls to repair his negligence, no I'm not bitter ... not at all.
The sad victim ... I made sure he made it into the garage ... I parked him!
 Here is an example of the Universe at work ... I was getting my camera and this fell out of the cupboard for me to clean up ... yep what goes a round comes around and I got mine fast!!

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