Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arizona Antiques!

I never really thought of Arizona as being a great antiquing spot, however, after the shop owner of Apple Tree Antiques explained it to me it made perfect sense. Most of the residents in Arizona are from some where else ... usually where it was very cold. They brought their east coast/mid-west treasures with them when they moved and slowly they have found their way into the local shops. Prices were great and I found so many things I LOVED!
Here are a few treasures I was able to squeeze into my tiny space in the car!!
Redware bowl - love this and I loved the saying ... "Peace and Plenty." Fits just perfect in my wooden grain trough!
 Check this out! The cute little pewter creamer with the tray included was a mere $15.00!! Love it, the bottom is stamped British fine pewter. The 1776 stitchery is not an antique, however I loved it anyway. I love stitchery, crows and Americana .... what wasn't to love??
Finally, my favorite piece. A Wilton Liberty Bell sugar bowl! I think it is so awesome, I like the design and the little Liberty Bell adds the perfect touch. Now I need to see if I can find a matching creamer.
I hope you enjoyed viewing my finds!

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