Monday, March 19, 2012

Woo Hoo Spring Baseball!!

What a weekend we had, baseball, friendship, family, laughter, rain -wind-hail and snow ... yes I said snow in Arizona! Unbelievable weather, but such fun. This year my daughter Tiffany's boyfriend Shawn joined us on our Spring Training Road trip to see our Angels play in Arizona. As a Spring Training virgin Shawn got to drive ... here we are on departure.
It's 6:15 am and look at that smile! Shawn is ready to go, we're going in his car ... OMG, such a guy - I took a pic of the floor where my feet should be ...
ah ya, that is a beer box and fuel additive. Under that is junk, junk, junk! I had a small nest where I could plant my bu__, my feet on the other hand had to go  ... wherever I could find a place! I forgot how different males and females are at this young age!!
Now it's a few hours into the trip and we need a potty stop, so Shawn takes us to the beautiful Dessert Center ...
Nice huh? You should have seen the insides. I think they filmed the Twilight Zone here, where people check in and never leave ... So we decided to get gas since the price was so good ...

Do you see that price?? 36 cents a gallon!! Woo hoo, fill er up Shawn, I'll buy this round.

OK, we've got gas and we're ready to hit the road, oops - Tiffany needs to find something ...
Do see that look of confusion on her face? Ya, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack in that mess.
Finally we get to Peoria in time for game 1, the Angels vs the San Diego Padres. 

There's my boys in red, stretching and getting ready to play ball!

                                                      These ball parks are just beautiful and a perfect size, wish the Angel Stadium at home was this size! So cozy ...

We had the privilege of staying with a very long time friend of mine named Cyndie at her beautiful home in Goodyear.
Meet Cyn, her she is waiting for us with her door open wide! She fixed a yummy dinner of salmon, asparagus, and salad so good and so nice not to have to get back in the car. We played Apples to Apples a board game after dinner and laughed ourselves sick. Such a fun game, once again Tiffany was in charge of fun night and she hit a home run!
Day 2 - Diablo Field - home of the Angels in Tempe AZ.
It was St. Patricks day and boy was there a lot of green being worn ... there was also a leprechaun in attendance she sat just down the row from me. I was so excited I though she would be tossing out some gold coins from her pot O' Gold, no luck.
Need I say more???
Now, let's play ball! Angel's VS. the Brewers, woo hoo.
Angels owner, Artie Moreno and Brewers owner shaking hands to kick off the game.
A couple of my boys, Bobby Abreu # 53 and Torri Hunter #48. Our seats were awful and I could hardly see them ... hehe not! I would like to introduce you to my new BFF, Miaa - (yes, two A's) Gomez and her daddy, Richard Gomez ( she loves him a lot) she told me so! This 8 year old was so cute and a little chatter box. Her daddy is a retired ball player. He played for the Detroit Tigers for 10 years as a center fielder. 
Meet Miaa and her daddy Richard
This bit of info is VERY important. Miaa thought I looked like I was in my 30's ... ya gotta love kids. Isn't she precious??
Here are some more cuties, Tiffany, Sara and Alexis. Do you love Alexis' shirt? Told you there was a lot of green to be seen. Alexis' daddy, TJ was so wonderful to get us the amazing seats for both of these games. Thank you soooo much TJ.
Game is over and we're heading home, Angel's won 8 to 1 - go Angels, Go Angels!
Day 3 - Here we all are. Tiff and Shawn are going to see the Angel's vs the Dodgers. I'm staying home today and catching up with my good buddy Cyn. We headed into Glendale, Az to check out some Antique shops.
Wow, they were even excited to see us! Gotta love AZ in the Spring! I'll post my new treasures on another day so you can check out my finds. We left here pretty early, a storm came in and was it crazy. The wind was howling, rain was falling followed by hail and snow. Toooo crazy.
The three of us had such a great time. Shawn is a wonderful young man and took hanging out with 3 women in stride. He's got a great sense of humor (important) and really knows how to go with the flow and most importantly he loves McDonald's Coffee!! 
Tomorrow's post - the trip home from HELL!!

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