Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Road Trip Home from HELL

So, y'all remember that amazing baseball weekend trip I took? Yep, it was awesome. Well, the trip home sucked. Now keep in mind the state of Arizona has been hosting Spring Training in the month of March forever!!! By now you would think they would having hosting the baseball nation down to a science ,,, not so much.
So, Sunday's game gets rained out - great we can leave a bit earlier and get home earlier, that is a very good thing ... NOT. We do get to leave earlier, we head out of town by 3:30 and by 4:00 we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic that does not move.
 Here we are, as far as the eye can see is car, cars, cars. Check out that storm cloud that just blew by, whew it was a wet one.

There goes a LA Dodger fan ...

In case you don't know this men have it made when it comes to using the bathroom in traffic ... you just get out, go to a bush and relieve yourself. Then you casually jog back to your car sitting in traffic. Here comes an Angel fan.

And if your a women you have to wiggle and wait for the next rest stop ... Yes this is blurry, it's very hard to hold a camera steady when you are wiggling so bad! It says, NEXT REST STOP 41 miles!!! Are you kidding me, it's taken 3 hours to travel 16 miles and I have to wait for 41 miles for the next potty stop, you do the math.

There was a lot going on out in the desert that afternoon. Rain and snow, men going to the bathroom, stupid signs, and then you come along this ...

A pretty little desert wild flower bush. Now why is there an empty bottle next to it with a piece of hose you might ask?? Who knows, maybe one of those drunk men jogging on the freeway thought it looked thirsty.
After a three hour delay in Arizona we did make it home. A 
5 1/2 hour drive has now taken 9 loooong hours. 

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