Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Collections ... Day #1

Good Morning Bloggers!! I just read on Facebook that Primitive Place Magazine is asking their readers to post pictures of their collections ... hehe since I have a few collections (people who know me are hysterical by now) I thought I would take a few days and post them. Today is my newest passion, Civil War Quilts! Especially doll quilts. So, sit back with a cup of warm cocoa and join me on my journey of quilting!

Underground Railroad (think I was there)

Have you ever had a de ja vu moment?? Well I have, the Civil War is one of them. I feel so strongly attached to this period in history, truly believe I was there - I know, it sounds crazy, but I bet you all have a moment in time that you feel you have lived in the past. OK, moving on. I love the quilt hanging on the wall. It's an Underground Railroad pattern. My dear friend Penny coordinated a monthly sewing day for the two of us to created this wonderful, historical piece. Each block tells a story of the journey the slave made to acquire freedom during the Civil War. In this shot alone I have pillows, doll quilts and throw size. A small sampling of my ever growing collection!!

Quilt Dough??

No of course not, there is no such thing. But, with the holidays over it was time for a fresh look so I folded and stacked some of my favorite quilts into my dough bowl. Along with Longaberger, wooden bowls, rolls of twine and a scoop ... I loved the finished look.

A Cupboard of Quilts

I have stacked mostly lap and throw quilts in this little pie safe. Hanging on the door is a "Friendship" quilt made by my special friend Penny for my birthday. You will get to know her quite well!!

Hang um and Roll um! 

I love variety! Here are a few different ideas for displaying quilts. Hang them from a peg rack or roll them on antique mill spools or simply tuck them in an antique water bucket!! Just love these little quilts - you can create so much variety in color and design!

Pewter, Pewter, Pewter!
My newest addition to my pewter collection is the plate on top of the cabinet that says "The Great American Revolution" and a ceramic picture of the drum and fife corp marching into battle. Another sweet and special friend, Amy gave me this for Christmas and I LOVE it!! This is a preview to a few of my other "collections" pewter and Longaberger Baskets! More on those collections in a few days.

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