Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baskets, Baskets, Everywhere Baskets!!

I started my collection of Longaberger Baskets in 1989. My very first purchase was the pie basket shown in this picture, top left. To this day it is still one on my most used and favorite baskets. These hang in between my kitchen and family room. They are easy to reach and the ones I use the most. One of the beauties of a Longaberger Basket is their strength and versatility. They are great work horses, beautiful to decorate with and the perfect piece to help keep my home warm, cozy and organized! If you would like any further information on how to acquire one of these amazing handmade (in the USA) baskets please contact me at!!

The bottom basket shown above was called a "Gourmet Picnic" I call it vintage and it is truly one of my classic treasures. Perched on top are my two Homestead baskets as well as one of my numerous Uncle Sam's.

Seated on my buggy bench are two more vintage, classic favorites. The bottom is from the Americana Collection, a Small Picnic with an attached woven lid. Seated on top is the Heirloom Hostess Basket, wearing one of my doll quilts!! Of note are the two rockers to the right. One belonged to me as a child, that would be the rocking horse. The other is a very old toy rocking chair I picked up in an antique store. The maker was a very old and blind man. It's rough and crude but I treasure it.

Hanging in my bathroom is a Longaberger Collector's Club cabinet filled with some Longaberger as well as my entire collection of small baskets hand woven in Dresden Ohio especially for the Longaberger annual Bee.

To complete today's post is my most emotional collection. Here is 2/3 's of my Horizon of Hope baskets. Over the past 17 years the Longaberger Company has designed and sold enough baskets to allow them to donate over 14 Million dollars to the American Cancer Society to be used in the research and treatment of Breast Cancer. This cause in near and dear to my heart as I have lost my aunt and a mother in law to deaths caused by breast cancer. The Horizon of Hope Campaign runs from July through October, if breast cancer has touched your life I ask you to please purchase one of these amazing little baskets to allow Longaberger to continue to make the amazing monetary donations they have done to date.

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