Monday, January 9, 2012

What have I been doing??

A long time friend of mine called a few days ago and asked that age old question ... "what have you been doing"? My typical response, "oh not much." Then today I decided to pull out my quilting projects and get them ready to go to the long arm quilter and low and behold it came to me what I've been doing?

I've been QUILTING! I didn't realize I had completed so many and one didn't make it in the picture. So tomorrow I will make a stop and pick up my favorite batting and off to the quilters I will go. Hope to get at least two of them back in time for Valentines Day ... they will look so cute for sweetheart season!!

Oh! I forgot, I also made a little insert for an oval frame I got for Christmas ....

Isn't it cute? I love it, and even though it doesn't look like it in the picture it is actually square. Have a happy 2nd week in the New Year Y'all.

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