Saturday, January 21, 2012

Won't You be my Sweetheart???

Valentine's Day is less then a month away! I feel so blessed to have so many people I feel are my sweethearts in my life. My amazingly patient husband is my # 1 sweetheart followed by my wonderful children and three adorable grandbabies. Not to mention my great friends and of course Betsy Ross my blog master! With the day of celebration quickly approaching I did a small amount of decorating to prepare. After all the Christmas hulla baloo less is definitely more!

This decor seems to be all about trees! I left my funny little German twig tree up for this year and tucked in red valentines and added some red netting, just enough to say "hey, look at me!"
                                           A little bit of a tray make over. I have added the Longaberger Sweetheart basket and a simple black pedestal to add a festive look! 

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