Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burrr, it's chilly outside!

Winter has finally arrived here in Southern California! I may have
to dig through the closet and find an actual coat.

Here is a pic of my street, notice the trees are BARE! And yes the sun is shining. However, in a California winter when the sun shines it is cold, cold and when it's raining or cloudy it's actually warmer. I know, I know, if you're living in the mid-west you are laughing hysterically, but seriously, this is winter here!! And we love it!

See! I told you it's cold! It will get down to the mid 40's by morning and I'll need a coat for sure. With all this cold in the air I realized I needed to get busy and make a new quilt for my doll's, I've been busy all day working on this cute little quilt.

Believe it or not most of it is done, if I weren't going to "Road to California" (a quilters paradise) all day tomorrow I would have it done, but Friday will have to do!!

Meet Emma, she is a beautiful little girl and was completely handmade by an artist in Australia. I just love her little princess Lea hair do! Do you see how cold she looks? Her legs are just lily white from the chill.

And this is Abigail. She is very, very old and very, very naked. That's why she stays under the covers! Her little head is made of metal and her body is fabric with painted arms and feet. She really is in need of a dress, guess I had better get busy on that as well.
Keep warm!

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