Monday, January 16, 2012

Lest Us Not Forget

In Celebration of Martin Luther King

Today many Americans will have a day off from their jobs. Sadly, many will not even know exactly why. As I have mentioned before I have an attachment to the Civil War era, and a special attachment to the history of the underground railroad and the quilts that assisted in guiding the slaves to freedom in the north. Today, we celebrate the bravery and voice of one man, Martin Luther King. He wanted one thing, freedom to be equal to other Americans. The Civil War was fought for this very reason, FREEDOM. So, I guess it's no surprise that I have a special attachment to the memory of the brave Reverend King.

As I worked on the computer this morning a movie came on that I had seen years ago. In celebration of today they were airing it again. "The Long Walk Home" is the movie staring Sissy Spacek and Woopie Goldberg. If you ever have the chance please watch it, it's a true eye opener to where we were, where we are, and yes where we still need to go as Americans. With tears streaming down my face I am reminded again of how mean spirited people can be when they feel threatened by change or by someone "different."
This past summer another wonderful movie hit the big screen, "The Help", very similar to the Long Walk Home with more humor. It's another wonderful and insightful movie, it should be required viewing in our high schools.

Today, join me in the celebration of change, let's honor a man's faith and his ability to promote change when most of America fought against it.

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