Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Cozy Sunday

I woke up early this morning to a cloudy, chilly day. Decided to stay in bed and burrow down for a while longer. Ummm, a couple of hours later I woke up again with the help of Betsy. She decided I had been in bed far to long and needed to get up ... cold or not. And yes, it was still cloudy, and chilly. So after finally crawling out of bed and getting dressed in something cozy and warm I wandered down stairs. Did my morning chores, got my coffee, read my emails and decided to find a good movie to watch.

Here is my choice! Love this movie, especially this Master Piece Theater version. It's three hours long making it perfect for a quiet Sunday. To make it a bit more perfect ....
I made a fire to stay warm. (The logs aren't on their yet!)
Now I have a warm cup of coffee with the top covered in whipping cream (oh yum) a comfy quilt, my puppy dog and Jane, what could be better!! Hope you have an amazing day as well. Check out Mr Rochester ... Jane Eyre's boss, not bad to look at is he?

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