Sunday, January 8, 2012

Uncle Sam Collection #3!!

I'm  a Yankee Doodle Dandy ... yep I am!! And being born on the 4th of July was cause to buy me many Uncle Sam's as well as other Americana Collectibles! However, Uncle Sam is still my favorite. Perhaps because it all started with him!
Yes, this is the guy! He was created at Knott's Berry Farm here in California, and purchased in the late 70's. He stood all alone on the fire place mantle for about a year and then .... it all exploded! The following pictures a just a few of the Sam's etc., in my collection.

This big fella heralds from a shop called Fairfield Folk Art which is no longer in business. They hand carved all of their items ... I really miss those folks!

This little cluster have come from friends, my mom and even myself! I actually purchased the rabbit Sam on the left one year at Easter. Check out his snappy shoes!

LOVE this Uncle Sam. He is an antique from somewhere in the midwest. I purchased him from Martha, the owner of Fairfields just before she sold the shop. She used him as a prototype for the many pieces she created. He now lives in my Americana downstairs restroom.

Now before you look at the next picture don't feel the need to adjust your glasses. You do NOT have double vision ... there really is this much Americana in one spot! Oh the stories they could tell if they could speak!!

I told you there was a lot in here! Precious Moments, Beanie Babies, Hummels, WolfCreek, Fairfield, Longaberger, Antiques,
ETC., it's all here. Hope you enjoyed my little journey through my collectibles.

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