Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Me Call You Sweetheart!!

Isn't this just a sweet little basket set? Longaberger has created this adorable basket in celebration of Valentines Day 2012. I think it is just precious. The lid sports a very cute wrought iron heart knob as well as an engraved led say "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" To accompany this cute set is a wrought iron footed stand. To view the complete set go to!

Here are a few more shots. I had hoped to get a better pic of the heart knob, however it came out a wee bit dark.

Here is a shot of several items on sale this month only! The long market basket in warm brown stain, the travel cup in Golden Fields,  the 8" Crimson Hill basket and the Crimson Hill pillow tucked in the back. January is a great time to pick up those items you've been eye balling all season long!

I love this cross stitch towel, I get it out and use it every Valentines season. My dear friend Amy did this for me one year and I truly treasure it. The Utensil Basket on the far right is also one of our sale baskets this month, very functional and very utilitarian ... hehe get that play on words.

No, this is not on sale but isn't it a perfect center piece idea for a Wedding Shower or Valentine celebration? I've taken our small/medium hurricane filled it with candy hearts and a white pillar candle and finishing it with a satin bow. The hurricane is short so it makes chatting with guests at your table comfortable! It is also sitting on a piece of our Oasis pure white pottery.

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