Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Transformation

Holy cow I'm tired! I spent the entire day transforming my home back into what I call "normal."  All my beautiful Christmas decorations have been taken down and stored away for yet another long 10 plus months ... so much work for such a small amount of time, so sad.
However, it does feel nice having every surface polished and shiny, and for the most part everything back in it's place. I still have a few places I'm working on but I hope to have it all completed tomorrow! Wish me luck. I have posted a few pics for ya'll to see!
The fire place is lit and shiny!
Longaberger is stacked back in their place.
The girls have gathered for story time ....

Love my new quilted tray ...
Decided to leave the wreaths up for a while longer, love how they look.

The boss, she's glad all is back in order!

May you all have a very Happy New Years Eve. Stay safe in what ever it is you do!!
Oh!! P.S. If you haven't already, go and see War Horse the movie. Fabulous, take a box of tissues.

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