Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

                         As December enters I want to take the next 12 days to blog about my memories of Christmas' past. As an only child my parents played a huge part in my life. I didn't have siblings to fight with or to play with so they filled the void! I had a wonderfully simple childhood and I feel so lucky and blessed to have the memories. This blog will not be in any order ... just my order of memories emerging.
                        With all of that said I want to begin with the aluminum tree! I do have a picture of it somewhere and once it's located I will blog this beauty! Some back ground on my dad. He was a heavy equiptment oporator for his trade. Very much a man's man. As I grew up daddy was the decorator, yep, really funny to think of looking back. He carved the pumpkins, colored the Easter eggs made my birthday an explosion of fun (I'm a July 4th baby) and he was the Christmas decorator. Mom's job was cleaning up his messes and boy did he make a mess. This is another blog story!!
                   On to the silver tree ... the year is 1961 and aluminum trees are all the rage. I'm laughing as I write thinking of the tree and the fights daddy and I had decorating it. My poor mom was the mediator. So the 8 foot tree gets put together one branch at a time, it took forEVER!!! Then the hot pink shiny balls go on, now the tree is covered in angel hair - OMG I can hear you all laughing! I thought is was magical and that we had the most beautiful tree in the world. Oh, and lets not forget the creme d' la creme. The color wheel. Ah, the blue, yellow, red and green rotating and changing the silver as it rotated. The angel hair was spun glass and caused your skin to itch if it got on you ... just what every family should have on a tree with children, right up there with lit candles on a real tree.  Daddy loved this tree and so did I. Mom? She went with the flow.
                 Tomorrow .... candle making, you don't want to miss this.


  1. Donna "Ms. G~"December 1, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    Sounds like a "bling" tree that my nieces would like to have NOW! Seriously...with the pink balls, silver bling. Yup. Sounds like everything old is new again!

  2. Good Morning
    I remember those alummin trees. we had one and we had the color wheel. Wow!!! those memories take me back... to about 1964-66. I'm from a small town in W.Va.. It took us longer to get with it. Have a great week end. Have people coming for dinner tonight, chuck roast, scalloped potatoes, creamed corn, biscuits, salad and for desert Chocolate silk pie or pepermint ice cream with hard shell topping. All are welcome. Love Paula