Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Candy #8

The year is 1960 and it's Christmas morning. The presents are unwrapped, Santa has come and gone and now it's time to get dressed in our Christmas best and go to mass.
Mom is always the first one ready and is waiting on dad and I. While she waits she cuts a plate of her famous Sees fudge and puts it on the coffee table for our guests coming later in the day.
As we head out the door our Dalmatian dog King comes running in. I'm sure he was out checking the morning trash cans for some unattended goodies tossed out the night before. This dog had a cast iron stomach and was known as the neighborhood vagabond.

The photo is a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea!
What I remember is my mom's very unhappy voice hollering at the dog. As it turns out while we were celebrating the birth if Christ our precious family dog was treating himself to a plate of chocolate fudge. He was kind enough to leave a few walnuts where fudge used to be. Mom tossed him outside, she was sure he would be sick. As you know you should never give dogs chocolate, it can kill them!! Yikes! Well, old iron stomach was fine. He enjoyed his plate of chocolate and laid outside in the warm December sun and took a nap!

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