Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Christmas Treats - Day #4

       This recipe card has got to be at least 20 years old. My aunt wrote it out for me before she moved to Arizona so I would have my own copy. She would be gone for a few years and wouldn't be with us at Christmas to bake one of our favorite treats.

Overall my family heritage is Germanic. We have a long history of being good cooks and fabulous bakers! Just have an Amish meal and you'll know what I mean. Food was the heart of our home and Christmas baking was the holy grail. Even my Aunt Honey who was single and wasn't much for cooking could bake. Pecan Ball cookies were one of her specialties. My daughter Tiffany re-named the cookies snow balls when she was a tiny girl, she would eat them until she popped, they are still her favorites even today.

Meet Aunt Honey. Her name was actually Helen but my cousin couldn't say Helen and she became Honey to all the nieces and nephews. She loved it as much as we loved her. This pic was taken in the 60's, do you recognize the pink shinny balls? Oh ya, she had them too! She was never married and lived alone so a table sized Christmas tree was just her size. I have so many memories of her and Christmas and I cherish them all.

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