Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Gifts from Yester year #11

Tiffany, my daughter came by the house today searching for a missing jacket. It's actually cold today and she felt the need for warmth! While crawling into the closet under the stairs she came across my very vintage Barbie and her wardrobe.

Being a blonde my Barbie was of course blonde and we both sported pony tails. I received this iconic treasure 50 years ago this very Christmas. On the case, directly underneath "Barbie" is the actual date 1961. I remember finding her under the tree, Santa had brought her that year and I was thrilled.

Barbie and I were very good friends over the years. She new all my secrets, we grew up together, except she has never aged .... darn her anyway. This is my entire Barbie collection. She has a wedding dress, a nurses outfit, her original swimsuit, a couple of evening gowns etc. Everything I needed for years and years of entertainment.
Thanks, Tiff for bringing her out just in time to celebrate 50 years together.

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