Monday, December 19, 2011

He's here, he's here and he is sooo cute!!

While paroosing cyber space last week I found the most adorable reindeer on Gatherings Blog. I emailed Wanda and asked if he was still available ... he was!! I never dreamed he would make it for Christmas but he arrived today! I should have remembered how fast reindeer can travel. I have attached a few pics from his journey out of the box to his new home.
Here he is! All they way from Iowa, he's going to love warm California!
Let me out, let me out, Can you hear him hollering??
Hang on Rudolph, you're almost out
OOPS, no red nose! He must be Dasher!! Yikes, no antlers either!

Found um!
He's in good shape now.
And here he is, settled in the Living Room with the Christmas Tree!

Thank you Wanda for getting him here so quick, I just love how he looks. I'm heading out soon to get some more pine to scatter around his feet. Merry Christmas!

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