Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Blahs

It's the day after Christmas ... the tree is bare of the beautifully wrapped gifts, dishes are done and put away and I'm pooped. I never have liked the day after Christmas, it's such a let down. I enjoy the preparations, the baking, the wrapping, shopping, decorating the whole shabang. Then poof, in a matter of hours it's over. The only thing left is undecorating my home, packing it all up and storing it away again for another 11 months. As I sit here on the couch I feel an emptiness, my eyelids are heavy, feel like I could lay down and take a long nap ... like a bear. But .... that would mean a long sleepless night. So as fatigued as I am I will push through the next few days until a sense of "normal" comes over me again ... what ever normal might be!
Perhaps if I focus on this happy little face of my granddaughter Karlee with her new American Girl Doll I will begin to focus on the beauty of Spring!

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