Monday, June 10, 2013

Well the wedding journey continues .... My daughter will be having 7 bridesmaids, all friends from different phases of her life. Not all of them have officially met so she thought hosting a bridesmaids breakfast would be a perfect way for them to get acquainted before the day of the wedding! Even though she has a lovely condo of her own, it really isn't set up for entertaining more then 4 at a time ...With that in mind she asked if she could host it at my house. How could I say no, a house filled with 30 something young women sounded like fun to me!
Like everything, no matter how much you plan not everyone could make it. Her friend Lindy and sister in law Lacey, both from NorCal, (Northern California) were unable to make it and another from Texas. However, five girls can make A LOT of noise!

The theme of the breakfast was Mustaches. I made napkins using mustache fabric, and found some fun aqua mustache suckers! She purchased some mustache cups, and luggage tags.
My ever faithful chalk board welcomed them at the door ....

The table was set ... see those cute tags!

Yellow daisy's and blue staches!
A closer look at the napkins and tags!

Sara, Tiffany and Jean ... these girls met while in college at Alpha Delta Pi sorority sisters.
To add to the chaos I bought stick on mustaches ... they had a blast playing with them. Who is that one on the top left?? Chaplin or maybe Hitler???

Four of the seven girls - Sara, Tiff, Jean, Erika and long time childhood friend Misty!

 The five of them had such a fun morning. Tiffany made a breakfast of Cheese Strata, fresh strawberries with vanilla yogurt, sausage links and Mimosas! Lots of Mimosas ....

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