Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Goodbye ....

In a 10 month period I have attended two weddings and two funerals ... weddings are so much better. I said my final goodbye to Pat Kidd today ... the funeral was amazing, just like his wife's was in November. Two of his three sons gave a wonderful tribute to their dad, praised him for his parenting, his humor and his unwavering love for their mother for over 67 years. In the process of cleaning out their belongings they came across several letters he wrote her during their courtship. His son Mike read one and I sat their and bawled. It was written in such a sweet tender way. The year was 1944 and he was on a train to his base in Texas, he missed her terribly and was already planning their marriage. Pat was as genuine a person there ever was, his wife and his children were his universe. 

This was the picture taken on their wedding day. They were married after knowing each other for three months! Their first home was in Yuma, Ca. Horrible, bug infested place in the middle of the California desert. Wasn't he so handsome. This picture sat on a table next to Dee's bed. I asked their daughter in law for a copy and she had it for me today. I am so grateful.
My daughter attended the service with me and the two of us cried like babies. Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be a tear left in my eyes the United States Air Force entered the church to bid him farewell. As they blew taps the water works came on and the tears fell like rain. 
Such a beautiful moment in the service ....
They had this collage of photos set up in the reception room after the service. The house in the top right corner is their home on Catalina Island where my kids and I spent time every summer of their childhood. So many wonderful memories were created there.

Farewell Major Kidd, you left an amazing legacy and I feel so honored to have known you.

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