Saturday, June 1, 2013

A REALLY Belated Birthday Celebration!!

A few of us gals got together today to celebrate a very dear friends belated birthday!! Considering her birthday was in April we are VERY belated! However, she did fly to the mid-west to spend time with her family, I went to Ohio and other things came along that caused delays, but today we all made it together and celebrated.

 Our first stop was an estate sale in my neighborhood. A friend of hers read about it and suggested she stop in so we did. Oh my, so sad. The home is a 1927 stucco, I am pretty confident it hasn't been touched since the 40's. The paint was ancient and it was filthy. The woman had passed on many years ago and the gentleman's family has finally taken him to reside with them leaving many years of dirt and despair to be removed. Ceilings were falling in, mold was eating away the wooden window sills as well as walls. The odor inside and out was horrendous. Pam was interested in typewriters and sewing machines ... hummm, machines were all gone and the typewriters were electric and gross. The girls found a few treasures, I held onto my money!

Next stop, Alicia's. Oh yum, this spot is a favorite. My daughter Tiffany and Pam the birthday girl ordered Pink Clouds, a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and cream cheese. So tasty!!
And for dessert .... Kahlua Chocolate Cake! I'm shoveling in a bite into Pam's face. This stuff was to die for, OMG it was manna from heaven. She took the leftovers home to her 4 year old Olivia, lucky kid!

Presents of course .... (that's the best part of a party)
Group photo time, look at those happy faces, it's from the Khalua' cake!!
Silly shopping ... they had a small bridal section and we just had to try on a few "bachelorette veils."

My personal favorite! Check out the giant engagement ring on her head! I mean really, do people buy these things and wear them? And the hot pink bow ... really????
Now Pam found the absolute gem ... this tin bank is the size of a band aid container ... what kind of dream wedding are those two planning? McDonald's reception for two?

Such a fun afternoon, a reminder for me that we need to live each day to it's fullest as I will be 93 before I know it ....

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