Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh That Paula! .....

Betsy Ross, my blog master Boston Terrier was braking like crazy this morning ... this can only mean one thing, a package is being delivered to my door! Oh how I love package deliveries, so Betsy and I raced to the door, I wanted the box she wanted to bark at the delivery person. However, she LOVES the packing tape on boxes and she was eagerly waiting for me to start ripping into the box ...
Oh goodie, goodie, this box is from the Country Sampler Quilt Shop in Spring Green, WI. It's from my pal Paula!! Let's get inside and see what's there.

Oh she is a happy puppy, the tape is off the box and she is chewing, chewing on it.

When she stretches out like this she is in her "comfort" zone ... really happy now!
Yep, it's from my gal pal Paula, and it's my June birthday gift, I'm really liking this 60 thing!
Oops, this is the almost inside the box pic!
OMG!! Do you love what you see? Red, white and blue everywhere, loving it!

This pattern is right up my ally! Check out the name, Tribute to Betsy ... she can read you know, (Betsy, that is) now she's thinking the quilt will be for her personal use!
Before I sign off for the day I want to share this magazine that I bought yesterday.  This July ... the 2, 3 and 4th will be the 150th anniversary of the battle at Gettysburg. This battle was the turning point in the Civil War, like the cover says, 3 days that saved the United States.  If you are proud to be an American I ask you to say a prayer on these 3 days. Thank all those who gave their lives to make our country great, to provide freedom and EQUALITY for everyone who lives here.  In this vast world we inhabit there are still countries that control women, races, and those less fortunate to a life of humiliation, poverty and even death. Give thanks we are Americans ... be proud ...

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