Sunday, June 9, 2013

Let's Tour Fullerton!!

Yesterday, the Fullerton Heritage Society hosted their Inaugural home tour! The homes selected for the tour are nestled on the beautiful, quaint, Brookdale Heights Ave. This street is two blocks from my home and is my absolute favorite street in the city. I was so excited to see the tour signs go up, finally, I was going to see the inside of some of my favorite homes! So let's get started. The first home on the tour is located on a corner lot, built in 1928 by the editor of the Fullerton Tribune at the cost of $4,000.00. A large amount of money for the era.
This is a look up Brookdale Ave ... the purple Jacaranda trees line both sides of the street and when they are in full bloom it an Awesome sight!

Another view from the opposite end of the block ... the end where the tour starts!
I've got on the snazzy paper booties ... we are asked to wear these in every home so we don't scuff up their beautiful hard wood floors.

This is a view of the formal dining room table. I just loved this child's tea set. It was in such amazing condition!!
LOVE this!! This is the laundry room, original ironing boards and the nook to the right is where they would house the iron. The charm old homes had is now a lost art.

Original tile, bathtub and sink in the bathroom. The tile was in perfect condition, loved the green!
After touring this home we departed on the opposite side of the home. Everything was so pristine and well groomed.
House #2 was built in 1927 in an English Cottage style. This style of home was quite popular at that time in Fullerton. This is another shot of a bathroom (I must have a thing for bathrooms!) I really loved the original built in bathroom cabinet. The handles are made from a plastic material popular at the time.
Thanks to "Natural Floral Designs" every home was filled with fresh cut flowers. My daughter is shopping for flower ideas for her wedding. I really liked how these looked and smelled! 

This beautiful bedroom was part of home # 4. This was a Spanish Colonial Revival home built in 1930. Original cost ... $4,500. Sold in 1969 for $27,000.00 and today's value ... $740,000.00!!! Wow, inflation is crazy!. The hardwood floors and crank out windows are originals.
ANOTHER bathroom! I didn't realize I took so many bathroom shots! Again the bathtub, tiles and built ins are all original. Look how big this bathroom is for the 30's!!
Both of the residents in this home are noted artists. This room is part of Tony's art studio. The window came out of a church in PA., Tony's home state.

I love gnomes ... this little guy was standing in a corner of the art studio and is made from cast iron! He is vintage to the era of the home.
 While walking back to the car we passed by this house and I just had to snap a picture. Hanging on the front door was dry cleaning!! It had been delivered earlier and apparently the owners are not home. Isn't this Tudor style home so cute? Maybe next year we can get inside of it!

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