Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Up, Up and Away!!

I was sitting at my dining room table chatting with some friends and I noticed a low humming sound coming from outside. Probably the gardener next door using the leaf blower. A few minutes later it got louder, the sound was getting closer so I got up to take a look out the patio doors. Low and behold it was the Goodyear Blimp! My home is on the flight path to the Fullerton municipal airport and that was the direction the blimp was traveling. It was very low and dipping lower as it flew over the house.

Yikes! This bird is really low, those palm trees are in my neighbors back yard and he is lower then the palms. The fringe of green below are the hedges in my backyard.

Within seconds it took another dive lower and made a turn towards the airport. It looked like it was going to land on the street!!
We decided to jump in my car and chase it down to see what was going on. I headed towards the airport and for awhile we lost sight of the blimp ... did it land ... crash ... or?? All of a sudden we saw it off towards the airport and it looked like it was ready to land. Wow, I was so excited, I've never seen one land before and so close to home. We lost sight of it again and then poof, the next time we see it, it's high in the sky and heading towards Los Angeles. We were so bummed, here we thought we were going to see a landing up close and personal and now it's sailing away .... maybe another time ....

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