Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In Just 30 Days ....

Wow, time just flies by. In exactly 30 days from today I will enter into the 6th decade of my life ... how can that possibly be? I feel like I'm ... ummm, maybe 40! I love birthdays, especially my own, but I will have to say, the big 6 - 0 has me a bit frightened. I notice I'm eating better, more concerned about my teeth and overall health, afterall this temple has to last me another 40 years!!

As you may recall, back in January my dear friend Paula took it upon herself to "ease" me into the 60's. For the month of May she sent me this ...

A bright Blue watch to remind me that the time is getting closer and closer! Like I don't know that already!! She also found this darling aqua owl towel. I plan to use this in my Origami Owl Jewelry display.

 With wonderful friends like Paula how will I ever forget the arrival of my 6th decade????

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