Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"T" is for Taylor ... and other Things!

At least in this house it is! I found this cute little mini quilt posted online ... no pattern but it looked pretty simple and easy to figure out so I dove in! I love to make mini quilts since I have so many fabric scraps it's a great place to use them up! The real selling point of this quilt was the T's in the center. With the last name of Taylor I am automatically drawn to things with T's. So lets get going and see what I came up with!
Here she is! I love Americana so I added the American flag fabric as my outside border. Yes, you see writing on the muslin ... I decided to make this a signature quilt - well, actually more then a signature!
A little closer look at the "T"s!

A new home for the summer ...
I redid my Cranberry Scoop today ... it's been years since it's had a makeover! I stacked a few mini quilts inside and tucked in an American pillow for the summer season.

I found another bill hook at a local antique store and found the perfect little basket quilt to hang on it!
While cleaning and moving things around I found my self leafing through some very old children's books I have stacked on my child's desk. A couple of them were from a school house in the late 1800's. My grandfather worked for a demolition crew during the great depression and brought them home. I'm so glad that I'm the one who has kept them in the family and not tossed into the Goodwill!
See the two little red ones near the bottom? Those are the two from the school house, what's really cool is the writing in them from little children so many years ago.

On the top is my dad's little book the Lone Ranger, I also have my uncle's copy of Monty Montana!! Just love these old things.
It's the beginning of a new week, have a blessed one ...

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