Monday, June 3, 2013

It Finally Arrived!!

Yep, yep, yep, my box from the Rusty Thimble has finally arrived! Woo hoo, so excited. I ordered this from Brenda a few weeks ago and then boom, tornado's hit Oklahoma with a vengeance. And yes, Brenda lives in OK. Her home is safe but she has family members who lost EVERYTHING, I can not even fathom such a disaster. Needless to say she had a bit more on her mind then hr mailings and I completely understood. However, when I saw the box on my porch this morning I was thrilled.
I hurried and got my camera to capture the moment!
OK, I'm in the box and this is what I find ... I already love it! She has tied my purchase up with a taupe and brick red ticking fabric ... my two favorite colors!!

Digging a little deeper ... there is a thank you note and a 10% coupon for my next purchase AND another little package, hummm, what can it be???
Oh joy! It's a little stuffed prim pillow, a thank you gift from Brenda!! LOVE it.
Oh my goodness, it's cuter in person!! It's a colonial haversack filled with Sweet Annie, a tin star, wooden firecrackers a rolled up Constitution and a flag. Where oh where shall I hang it????

Well of course, on the front door! It looks just perfect!

If you are interested in some very cute and unusual prims go to the Rustythimble on etsy and see what she has!!

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