Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wonderful Blessings ....

Facebook can be a blessing as well as a curse ... at least in my opinion it is. But today when I logged on it was such a blessing. My daughter-in-law Lacey is so good about posting photos of my grandchildren. She knows it is the fastest way for me to keep up to date with their daily activities. They live 12 hours north making it difficult to see them regularly. Yesterday they carved their Halloween pumpkins. They have a VERY large family up there so all the kids, nieces and nephews and adults gather and carve pumpkins, dye Easter eggs, cut Christmas trees etc., At first I just cried at not being able to participate. However, now I am just filled with joy that the children are blessed with so many loving family members to create such wonderful memories together.

This picture just cracked me up. I can so relate to the Eeewwww look on her face! I hated sticking my hand (still do) inside the pumpkin and pulling out the guts!

Look at the focus on her face, she is one precise 7 year old. I am confident that by the time it was done every single seed was out.

 My one and only favorite grandson! He is losing his front teeth so his smile is even more precious. He is just beginning the "carve."


The top is off and he's digging in. I so wish they could come down here and do this for far away grandma, I hate doing that. Did I mention that??? Love his shirt .... Independent, that fits this little guy perfectly. He got that trait from his grandma!

Here is Austin's all finished! Very scary too. 

And of course Barbie is carved into Karlee's. She loves her Barbies. FYI, mom did a lot of the final work on these beauties. My grandkids are great but they are not carving prodigy's ... yet that is!

So like I said earlier. Today I am grateful for Facebook. Without it I would have to wait forever to get pictures . They would have to get the disc out of the camera, developed and then mailed to me. Six months at least!! So again, thank you Facebook!

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