Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fellowship ....

On the first and third Wednesday's I gather together with some quilting gals. Yesterday, being the 3rd Wednesday I found myself cruising down the freeway to the Orange Quilt Bee. This week my novice quilting buddy Tanya joined us.

Tanya and Rita! We had a small group, only about 8 of us were there but it is always enjoyable!
 Funny photo's ... With her head on the counter is Gretchen, she's napping, this shop is so relaxed and laid back the employees can even nap ... NOT! In the fore front is Candy, she just had 10 inches cut of the length of her hair as a donation. No, she was not showing me her hair, she was hiding her face! These ladies are so much fun.

Gretchen brought one of her own sewing friends. Mr. Mouse. Gretchen has no idea of the issues I have had this year with mice so I found it so interesting that this was the little creature she chose to bring in the shop today to share! What is with me and mice???
While driving home Tanya said something that struck a cord with me. It was something to the effect that she enjoyed the day sewing with the ladies and that we have a nice "fellowship." I had never looked at it in that way. I seem to equate the word fellowship with church. But sitting with these women time after time we have created a fellowship. We worry when someone doesn't show up. Grieve at a loss and rejoice is a finished quilt project! The quilt shop itself is so generous to us as again Tanya pointed out. We sew, bring food to share, use their tables, irons, restroom etc. and we are not charged. They greet us with warm hello's and smiles and are always eager and willing to offer assistance. Again, I am blessed with a circle of wonderful people.

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