Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Dear Friend Paula ....

She finally made it to Southern California and I'm so happy she has! After my whirlwind week of travels my long time friend Paula has blown into town. We have all been so busy running here and there it seems like there just isn't time to post what's been going on.
Her first visit to my home we almost lost her 90 pound lab Max, yep he fell into the pool but fortunately for Max a youngin was here to pull his heavy body from the water. Thanks Danae, you were a "dog" saver!! When Paula and Darrell came to pick him up we had a delayed birthday present opening celebration.
After tearing through layers and layers of packing materials she finally found her way to the Staffordshire Blue Declaration of Independence Turkey Platter! I searched and searched and finally found one on Ebay for her. I think she loved it!!
Our next jaunt together was a visit to Roger's Garden in Carona Del Mar. They have their store decorated for Christmas and it was gorgeous!! I took a few pictures but for some reason they are not coming up ... I'll continue my search and hopefully show you how beautiful the store was.
Found it!! Nothing is ever really lost in a camera .... just well hidden!
This picture was taken under all the magical clocks as you enter into the shop full of twinkling, sparkling trees.

 Here are the Brown's! We took them to dinner at the Summit House in Fullerton. Such a beautiful place to enjoy and delicious dinner.
The boys! Joe's birthday was the 11th of October so we celebrated his birthday, Paula's birthday and our 17th anniversary. Darrell just came a long for the good food!!
Sunday, October 14th - Cupcake Camp!! Oh my gosh, it was HOT and I am so grateful Darrell came along with Paula to help set up our space!! There were so many vendors and we had so much stuff that all the extra hands helped.
A sampling of Longaberger's Christmas collection ... check out Paula's shoes!

Tanya was such a help as well. She was in charge of McDonald's runs, selling the Cash and Carry loot and patrolling the competition to see what was going on out there!

Barb brought her beautiful hand made aprons, cupcake pin cushions, pumpkins etc ...
My view, awesome isn't it ....

Cupcake Camp was sponsored by the Glendora Soroptimist. Darrell was asking one of it's members what Soroptimist meant. After a 15 minute discussion no one really new. A side note: under the name Soroptimist is the phrase "Best for Women" Hours later when I got home I looked up the word. Definition: From the latin words soro for women and optimum for best ... thus Best for Women is what it means. Funny thing, the answer to Darrell's question was on her apron and nobody new it!!

Our booths were in the VERY back ... so just to be sure we didn't get missed I brought the easel and stuck it in the middle of the walk way!! Woohoo. It was a long, hot day but we all had aa great time ... people watching, it should be an Olympic Sport!!

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