Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012!!

I love the holidays ... kicking off with Halloween and rolling right through New Years it's just one big happy moment! When I begin to see my Maple tree's leaves start to turn in mid-August and cooler mornings by mid-September I begin to seek out pumpkin flavored foods and uncover my fall decorations. This morning as I was reading Facebook my dear daughter-in-law, Lacey had added some picture of Austin's school field trip to the pumpkin patch. I was reminded of my own pumpkin experiences with my dad. He was a pumpkin carving master!! He would pull out his trusty pocket knife (also good for cutting his finger nails) and dig in. Reflecting back I wish mom had taken more pictures of all those pumpkins daddy carved. However, they will be locked in my memory forever. Thanks dad for so many wonderful memories.
This morning I want to share a few pictures I captured from my facebook buddies and family. Let's begin with .....

My dear friend Donna's "Longaberger" basket of yummy candy! This is a vintage Wildflower basket! So happy she is putting it to important use .. woohoo.

My grandson Austin on a school field trip to the pumpkin patch. Such a happy boy!

Friends, Blaze, Austin and Summer. Aren't they just too cute???
These three scary kids hail from Australia!! Yep my dear friend Renee' lives in Australia and these are her beautiful grand daughters. Halloween has only been celebrated "down under" most recently. We have a vampire, ghost and a bat. She is hiding her adorable little freckled face. It is summer in Australia now, notice the ghosts flip flops!! 
And finally, the first ever carved pumpkin by Renee's son-in-law Scott. He did a good job for a novice!! He better get a lot of practice, they have another baby due in 2013.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween. Count your blessings before you count your candy!!

PS ... My friend Tanya has a grandson due to arrive today ... isn't that just to fun!! A Halloween birthday. Welcome Kingston!

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