Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Counting My Blessings ....

As the Thanksgiving holiday season approaches I always find myself becoming a bit melancholy. This year, with the death of my dear friend Dee so near I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my losses over the years and the people no longer present at my holiday table. This can pull a person into a very depressed, tearful state if it continues for too long. This year, however, I have decided to look at my surroundings and the people in my life that are still here and rejoice in the joy they give me on a daily basis. Over the next month my focus will be to log a/or blessing(s) each day that God has placed in my life in lieu of mourning the losses at my 2012 Thanksgiving table.
Here sits one of my life's greatest blessings .... my husband Joe. We just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. This gentle man came into my life when I felt I would never know unconditional love. He didn't just marry a wife, he married two teenage children, a live in mother-in-law, a dog and a neurotic cat. He saw something in me that I didn't, maybe still don't.
As I sat on my corner of the couch I looked around my cozy, comfy, family room and began to experience the warmth of contentment. I gazed over at my "Joe" who was engrossed in his most recent birthday gift "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Rielly. Love or hate Mr. O'Rielly (Joe is a fan) you have to admit the man can write a book! Even high school educators agree his best selling book "Killing Lincoln" should be mandatory reading. Thank you Paula and Darrell for his gift! He has his glass of Orange Crush soda and Betsy, our Boston Terrier nestled next to his hip and he is a very happy man. It takes so little to make him happy.

A treasure to be sure. On my trip to Ohio a few weeks ago I stumbled onto these beautiful pewter Tavern Measures in a Newark antiques shop. I have been coveting a 7 piece set of these for YEARS and if I found a complete set the price was HUGE! On this particular day, while cruising the shop there they were, all gathered together waiting for me! I had sticker shock in the reverse! I scooped them up and made a mad dash for the register before someone told me there was a pricing error. Now they sit on the windowsill above Joe's corner ... I can enjoy them both at the same time!

I can hear you, I can hear you ... What are Tavern Measure's??
Here is a brief description ...
Knauer Collection of Tavern Measures
Mason said the new shelving will display the museum's Knauer Collection of Colonial Tavern Measures. Donated by Virginia Knauer, the sets of mug-like pewter measures made in England, Scotland and France were used in the 18th century to measure the amount of drink poured into the mugs of paying customers.
"These were the source of the expression, 'To get a full measure,'" explained Mason.

Another treasure from my "home land" Ohio. This great Punched Tin lamp has found a home next to my side of the sofa! I have been sitting in a dark corner for years. Finally, I found this perfect lamp. It serves two purposes, one to see and one as a night light. The little flickering light at the bottom will work alone at night to give the room a gentle glow. Love this lamp!!
While watching TV in Mesa, AZ last week Nate Burkus was on a talk show. He said "I have several homes, and each one is ONLY decorated with individual treasures that have special meaning to me." On the other hand, I do not have several homes, however, my home does reflect my collection of special family heirlooms, collected treasures and gifts from family and friends. It's a bit on the eclectic side, but it's home, it's my place to rest and rejuvenate my soul ....


  1. Hello Anita,

    You have so many blessings it would take months for you to list them. I do agree with you though, Joe is definitely number one!!!!!! I feel very blessed that I could be with you on your 2 new finds!!! Enjoy!! Love Kim

  2. Today I'm thankful for my backyard! I trimmed my roses, planted some new plants and swept the patio!!!!!!

  3. You are truly Blessed with one GREAT husband, a beautiful home, beautiful & wonderful kids and grkids and all of US!XO