Monday, October 8, 2012

A Tribute to the Wild West ....

Something very charming about Buffalo Wyoming is their homage to the west .... not just the west but the Wild West. If you like to watch movies about our western heritage I encourage you to see "Heavens Gate." It is the story of Johnson County, where Buffalo, Wy. is settled. Located at the base of the Big Horn Mountains Buffalo enjoys a cooler, milder climate and is protected by the severe winter storms. Situated all over town are amazingly beautiful bronze statues. Most of them replicate the history of Buffalo. Below is a picture of an exhausted cowhand enjoying a drink of water from his hat. The detail is awesome.

A bronze deer, this buck is lucky, he can't get shot!

Here is a very interesting version of the Buffalo. This guy lives in front of the local Bank of Buffalo ... hummm, imagine that!
 This authentic Tee Pee is set up on the local museum grounds. I learned that the Indians of the day would actually bring their animal inside the Tee Pee in the winter to keep the animal alive and to keep the Indians warm. I can only imagine the smell ....

 An authentic two room log cabin was moved to the same grounds several years ago. It was built in 1882 and has stood the test of time ... a very long time!

Finally, my favorite place. The very historic Occidental Hotel. This hotel housed the famous Butch Cassidy in the late 1800's, you can actually see where he signed the register to stay the night. One of his hide outs was nestled in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Today you can still lodge at the hotel, have amazing meals and take tours. I have even been told it is haunted! The inside is filled with original antiques, a true gem of the wild, wild west. Just so much history in a town of 4500 residents.
Oh, and if you watched "Longmire" this past summer, the author lives in Buffalo!!

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