Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello Ohio!!!

Well, I have been experiencing big time computer issues! My friend Amy's computer wasn't allowing me to upload pictures .... so to say the least I have a lot of stories to tell when I get back to my home computer!
I flew out of Billings Montana at 7:30  this morning in the rain, snow is expected tonight so I go out just in the nick of time. I arrived in Ohio at 3:00 this afternoon to a beautiful mid 70 degrees and no humidity!! It is still hotter then hades in California so I'm a lucky girl to be enjoying this awesome cool weather.
I picked up my friend Kim at 5:30 this afternoon and we are now at the beautiful New Metropolitan hotel in Newark. We are just steps away from the Longaberger Big Basket where the dinner with Tami Longaberger will be held tomorrow night. We plan to get a lot of sleep and hit the Homestead tomorrow before dinner.
It sounds like we will be blessed with a beautiful day to shop tomorrow as the weather will remain in the 70's for yest another day. Woo hoo!!!
Check in after the weekend and see what we did in the wild, wild west!!

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