Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It gives me great joy to know I am never to old to celebrate Halloween and that I have people just as nutty as I am to celebrate with!
Today was sewing day at the Orange Quilt Bee. We have a pot luck lunch and today I brought the entertainment instead of food!!
Marcie is wearing her Big ears head band, she's wearing a red shirt over to the left. I brought the quilting girls arrows, axes and big ears to wear ... with just a wee bit of chocolate! It was actually funny watching all the women sewing serious projects wearing silly head bands. They were all such good sports.  
Now here is good shot of the Big ears!! Rita ad Eva are taking a lunch break. They kind of remind me of the ears on the 7 dwarfs!!  Or maybe Dumbo, not quite sure which. 
Here's the whole gang! You gotta love Linda wearing the orange  T Shirt on the left. Check out those ears!! Gloria is our resident witch, love her Orange hat! Next to Gloria on her left are 3 of the shop girls plus Candy in the white shirt next to the gal in the pumpkin shirt. Such a fun day!!   
I've got my trio of pumpkins carved and ready for the Trick or Treaters .... I usually get about 3 groups .... We'll see what tonight brings.

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