Thursday, October 11, 2012

Into Ohio We Go!

For me, going to Ohio is like going home. I have never actually lived in Ohio but all of my family does. Both of my parents were born and raised in beautiful Southern Ohio and as a child that is were we spent our vacations. Now, with both parents gone I find my visits east comforting. My remaining aunt and uncle live there as well as my cousins. We work hard at staying connected and I always feel a bit meloncoly when I come home.
October 4, my friend Kim and I were invited to attend a Breast Cancer Awareness dinner at the Longaberger Home Office with CEO Tami Longaberger and her daughter Claire. The following pictures are in Newark at the "Big Basket."
We have arrived! The weather was a gorgeous 72 degrees, the sun was shining and all was well with the world! Left, Kim, myself, Billy Sue and Wendy. All of us were from California!!

Kim in front of the fire place mantle displaying several years of Horizon of Hope baskets.

I would love to have this mantle!! Oh how I could decorate this!
 Inside enjoying "social hour"!!

Kim, myself and Bernie Koszar. Bernie is a friend of Tami Longaberger and was at the dinner. Bernie is a Hall of Fame Quarterback who played for the Cleveland Brown's. He was very gracious to sign our Hope flowers and take a picture with us.
Dining in the Big Basket ... so cool!
Tami is speaking on the achievements of the Horizon of Hope campaigns over the last 17 years. There were 140 guests present with 40 or so breast cancer survivors.
Our table!! Each guest received a Hope dessert plate to take home with us. All of the pink was so beautiful. Even the gentleman that attended were in the pink! Neck ties and pink shirts were the fashion!!

Tami made herself available to sign anything we brought her! Flowers, lids, tote bags even a scarf was getting a signature!
This truly was a spectacular evening and one I'll never forget. I felt so honored to be in the same room with so many strong, determined women.

Before I close for this post here are few sites around the Longaberger Homestead, Newark and Ohio ....

 Pink ribbons were everywhere, here is Kim in front of the Welcome Center at the Homestead.

 Need I say more ....

The Big Apple Basket on Main Street, of course it's wearing a big pink ribbon too!
 The Gallery of Dreams is located in downtown Newark. Such a delightful shop, full of sparkling jewlery and all sorts of white home decor. Way ahead of it's time for the sleepy town of Newark!

 This sidewalk sign caught Kim's eye, it was next to the antique store where I did some financial damage! I had to take a picture since fried bologna sandwiches is a favorite of my husbands!

Although it was a hazy morning as we drove into Holmes County "Amish Country" the trees were still displaying their fall brillance!

My trip east was amazing. Eight nights and I slept in 5 different beds! I must have been exhausted since I slept very well in every one of those beds. From miles and miles of wide open spaces to the gentle, green rolling hills of Southern Ohio I was blessed to enjoy the beauty of fall.


  1. A fabulous trip with a Great Friend I will never forget!!!!!
    I love you Anita!!!!

  2. Sounds like a great trip.I have been wanting to go the the Gallery of looks so wonderful. Dianntha

  3. Hi Dianntha, Thank you for your post. If you live near the Gallery of Dreams you really should pop in. Her home decor area would really suit your new home style. The owner is young and has some very cute ideas and a lot of chandilers! If you go in tell her the ladies from California said "hello!"
    Truly, Anita