Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the Road Again!!!

Ahh, yes I know, I just returned home from Ohio. But Tami Longaberger is visiting Phoenix Arizona tomorrow and I'm filling up the van with the girls and heading east!! This will be quite a whirlwind trip to be sure. We will depart from So California at
9 am, after a 5 hour drive through the scenic California/Arizona desert (NOT) we will arrive in time for a quick nap, dinner and then off we go to enjoy Tami's visit to the great southwest. If you're in the Phoenix area you might want to pop over and say hi to Tami and to me!! My crazy friend Paula and her hubby Darrell will be caravaning along with us and of course Max, the swimming pool dog will be with them as well. Maybe he can swim in the hotel pool!
Here is an invitation .... join us!


  1. Did you drive to Ohio? Now that would be a long trip!!! Thanks for stopping by. Dianntha

  2. Oh heavens no.We fly into Columbus and either rent a car or if I bring in a big group we hire a coach and a driver! We'll be there again with a large group in May 2013!! Woohoo