Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft Class #3 - Advent Calendars

Well today concluded our final fall trio of craft classes and I saved the best for last! We met at 10:00 this morning and the girls were so prepared to create a family memory! Prior to their arrival I had painted the metal calendar bases black, cut ribbon for striping, printed the Santa card stock and marked the grids.


At this point they have glued on the Santa pictures and tea stained the backgrounds. Now they are are stamping their December  bottle caps. Jewel is at the end of the table keeping the troops in line. It's good to have a tough assistant to help me out!

On to the grids we go. We used black grosgrain ribbon to mark off the spaces for the individual dates, look at all the concentration going on here.

Does anyone but me notice how messy the table is getting? The girls are beginning to assemble their numbers and this can get very messy and very time consuming.

Another view from the top ....

One done!! Barbara is finished, isn't it just so cute.

All done! I think everyone did just a fabulous job. Left to right is Ronna, Corinne, Tanya, Barb, Susan, Christine, Rita and me sitting down. I'm pooped, it was a great day with some great ladies.

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