Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where do I Begin????

So many adventures, so many stories to share ... how do I begin? I was experiencing big computer issues while visiting Wyoming so I guess my first story will be the continuation of my stay in Big Sky Country. First, I'll share a couple of my treasured finds ... this first beauty came from the big antique barn in Montana. Isn't it just the absolute best truck ever?? Just chock full of love and unknown history. I wonder how many little boys loved this truck, what stories did their little imaginations conjure up while pushing it all over the yard? You can't see it but the front is really crushed in, I imagine it has experienced several demolitions. What am I going to do with it?? I can visualize it sitting somewhere in my home at Christmas time hauling a load of very small Christmas trees. I'm sure you will see it on a future blog!

And here we have a couple of Wyoming treasures. On Monday, Amy and did a shopping tour of Buffalo, Wyoming. We visited a couple awesome antique stores, a sporting store that really "gets" women and our clothes, a few gift shops - one with an amazing lunch room and even the Buffalo museum! I found another tiny rolling pin with bright yellow handles, LOVE it. Just need to remove the hooks on the ends! And this very cute RED lantern - this piece is in excellent condition and was once used as a candy container. So cute!!
October 1st ... Opening Day for Deer Hunters ...
Awe yes, hunting is VERY popular up here in cowboy country. This was the sign hanging at the local IGA grocery store. Let me tell you, there are some CUTE hunters in these parts ... I hunted all over the market for their "hunter specials" and never found one. Guess they sold out of them really fast. Did I mention there are a lot of single women in Wyoming??
Do not adjust your screen ... these are REAL. Yep, these beautiful creatures are hanging on an exterior wall at a local motel. This place is a hunter paradise, follow along and you'll see what I mean. There are 8 critters here, 4 antelopes (or lopes in hunter lingo) and 4 deer. The lopes have stripes and black antlers. This truly is the place "where the deer and the antelope play."

One of the trucks at the same motel ... these guys are from Bama, note the deer on the plates. Yep, they hunt in bama too.

These fellas came in from Idaho ... they have a big ole deer on their plates.

This was my favorite hunting rig. When you don't have a truck you steal the wife's car and load er up for huntin!! This crew drove down from Montana. The top has a home made deer rig on top, the back seat was packed to the gills and the hood is up ... no one around anywhere ... probably out huntin.

CAUTION ...Viewer beware, the next picture is hard to view. I couldn't even take the picture, Amy had to. I just wanted you to see the big perk of this motel ... it's called a swing set and the hunters can hang and skin their catch of the day. When we drove out of town the next morning it was completely full. This hunter is skinning an antelope and guess where he's from .... yep, California!! Of all places ...

Tomorrow - October 2 - Montana here we come!!


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