Friday, October 26, 2012

So Grateful .....

As I age I realize there are more and more things that I either can't do, or have trouble doing or .... DON'T want to do. This is pertaining to the trouble doing category!! Keeping this in mind I find myself so grateful for those talented young (very young) ladies that can help!
Meet Lena ... she is the best. She just opened her own nail spa!
 Nancy gives a great pedicure, I actually fall asleep. These are my feet ... they'll be pretty very soon!
Lena is getting ready .... she will be filing my nails and she doesn't want to inhale all the dust! Isn't she cute.
All done, nice and pretty. Don't be jealous of my shoes, just go to Dragon Nail Spa and you can't get your very own pair!!
Lena and Nancy are both such a blessing to me. I just can't seem to get close enough to my toes to do a good job these days! Today I count these two as a gift.

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