Friday, November 16, 2012

What a Weird Day ....

Do you ever have one of those days that are just weird? There are strange random events that unfold throughout the day and you ask yourself "what the heck is going on?"
This morning my son and his family were due to leave early ... by 10:00am he said. Hummm, not quite. He had a list as long as my arm of things he needed to do. So after breakfast he took off and the rest of us played. By 10:00 J.Jill had opened and Lacey wanted to get her mom a gift card. We loaded the girls up in my car and headed out. Austin my soon to be 8 year old grandson wanted to stay home with Papa Joe and play with his Lego's. My husbands car was in the driveway parked lopsided so I was being careful not to hit his car as I wiggled out of the garage. Bam! My side view mirror hit the garage door opening! Yikes, I just hit the other side this past summer. I am so mad at myself, but what do you do? You just move on.
Now, we're almost home and I need to make a quick stop at the grocery store. In and out I go. While in the check out line I get a call from my husband. He never calls me, this can't be a good sign. 
Now let's go back to last Spring .... remember the mice invasion? Oh ya, they are still here. Only once in awhile but enough that I still have the sticky traps in place. Well I caught a grandson this morning. Yes, he stepped in one under the counter and was terrified he was going to die. Joe assured him they only killed mice not little boys. So with some alcohol Joe gently loosened the trap enough to get it off his foot. Once I got home I had the joy of getting off all the residue glue. I have really caught a lot of things with those traps. Mice, bugs, food, husbands, dogs, grandsons and even myself a time or two!
By 2:00 my son came in with some lunch for the troops and happened to mention there was a strange guy in my front yard under the tree muttering to my cement rabbit. This is not good. I went out front to check it out and he was all the way to the corner sitting on the curb. I observed him for a while and decided I should call the police, he seemed disoriented and in need of some help.
As it turns out he is a 21 year Hispanic man who has been reported missing. He came to California from Mass. and has been living with his uncle in Long Beach ... a good 40 minutes from Fullerton. The police came to let me know he had been missing for 4 days, had no money and was hungry and dehydrated. The police were going to take him to the station and his uncle was going to pick him up there. 
Like I said, it was just a very strange day. All is now fine and my kids have all headed home. But don't you worry, Joe and I won't be lonely ... his son arrived at 7 am this morning from Virginia and will be here for a week. The holiday's are definitely here ... my house in going to be continually full ... pray for my sanity!

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