Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas is Coming ....

Monday morning bright and early I loaded up the car with a few friends and we headed south to Newport Beach. Yep, we were back at Roger's Gardens, my 3rd visit this year! Ronna, had never been and that just wouldn't do so we set a date and went!
 The Magic of Christmas, Roger's Gardens Holiday Boutique

Ronna is on the left and Tanya's on the right. The theme this year is clocks, and boy were there a lot of clocks!! 
So lets take a little photo journey through the Magic of Christmas ....

There were several silver, sparkly Santa's and decorations lighting up the rooms ....

Do you see the clocks, like I said they were every where! 
Now we're in the Red area of tree's ...

Wonderful reproduction/vintage wind up toys ... could have stayed here all day!

"The man who knows" ... love the light rimmed glasses!

This piece was absolutely awesome! It's an antique bicycle with a handmade Santa. It was only $3,600.00!! So I ordered two.

A little closer shot of his gift bag of toys.

Our next stop was Shinoda Design Center in Santa Ana
this place is HUGE and it was like an ice box inside!
This is one of the center isles ... I won the buying contest, only spent $17.50 woohoo!!

Have you ever seen the movie "Christmas with the Kranks?" If you have this is FROSTY!! Free Frosty, Free Frosty .... great holiday movie.  
Cute build your own villages ....

And Putz styles too!
Tanya and Ronna ready to part with some of there money. 
Our next stop was the Brick Basement in Fullerton and followed with a quick tour of historic Fullerton! We all had a great time shopping ,parting with our money and planning our holiday home decor. I don't know about them but I was one tired girl and went to bed early!
Tanya's car is packed to the gills... even Ronna's left over lunch went for a ride.

The sun was already going down by the time we called it a day! Oh my oh my, so many stores, so little time .....

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