Thursday, November 15, 2012

Family Visits ....

My son and his family arrived Tuesday afternoon for a visit. They spent a week in Glamis at the dunes and will stay here a few days on the way home. 
Yesterday was Karlee's 7th birthday .... so Daddy thought it was time she have her own quad Razor ....
 Uncle Matty is on the left and dad is giving driving lessons to Miss Karlee. Austin is the brave passenger. All grandma can say is holy moly glad I wasn't there! I can't say to much however, dad had his first quad at 4. Father's seem to need to start this off-road stuff young. 
Inside the motor home Shawn and Alexia were enjoying morning cartoons.
Alexia seems to enjoy men .... humm starting young! Do you love her wild hair???
  After their arrival at Far Away Grandma's house things got a lot calmer .... like family coloring night!
 Daddy is coloring in Alexia's new Angry Birds book.

I am the recipient of a new eye shadow makeover. Next came some stunning red lip gloss ... that stained the lips!

Austin with his newest Legos. This is Monster Fighters. He LOVES his Legos. Just look at that big smile.
Yesterday was Karlee's big day. They live in a very rural area in Northern California so coming to grandmas is all about the shopping!
We started the morning with a trip to Target where she picked out a very cute red sweater dress. I would show you a picture but she would let me take one! Then we did a little bit of decorating ...
Some pretty balloons, Hello Kitty cupcakes and presents .... Oh what a fun day we had. Then she and her daddy and Uncle Matty went to the mall shopping. Yep, they went cloths shopping at Justice with a 7 year old princess. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!! She is a true girly girl and wanted everything sparkly. Shoes, shirts, jeans and jewels. He is such a great dad .....
Today we are celebrating an early Thanksgiving. This will be out first one all together, very excited!

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  1. Hi me, Thx for sharing! It looks like everyone is having a great time! And good job far away grma on the decor for her Birthday!! So cute! Enjoy Thanksgiving with the kids. Make sure to post pix... Cant wait to see them! Ralph