Sunday, November 4, 2012

All in a Day's Work ...

When you find yourself working on a Sunday the best thing to do is have as much fun as possible. I had some out of town Longaberger work to do today and my daughter decided to ride along with me. While we were on the road I needed to make a stop at Walmart and once inside we found a few Christmas treasures that we needed to check out more carefully ....
First up we found these great Angry Bird hats! The very long straps are also mittens. This is quite the snazzy hat, and VERY warm on the head! Tiffany sent this picture on to her niece, my little Lexia that loves Angry Birds!!

This picture has quite the story. First we decided it would be fun to have Christmas attire for our holiday photo. We found shirts for the 3 grand kids and some fun pants for the fellas and that left the girls. So we hunted high and low and this is what we liked the best. Santa Belly Shirts! Problem, they only came in children's sizes!! Yep, we kiddies are wearing extra large children's shirts! Is that just to crazy, my bust line looks very impressive in this shirt. Problem number two there weren't enough big ones. Back to the drawing board, we need to find four shirts that will fit all of us! 
 Today I am blessed to have spent the day with my daughter doing what needed to be done and having a lot of giggles along the way.

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