Thursday, November 29, 2012

History of a Collection ... or Two

I was recently contacted by the Longaberger Co. to share a story about my Made in America Santa Collection. Since I had the pictures and the story I thought I would share them with my blog buddies as well!
This group of wide eyed Nutcrackers are made by Mary Meyer. Several of her pieces are featured in the American Folk Art Museum! I first viewed her work over 20 years ago while looking at a Country Living Magazine. She was the featured artist. I was so stuck with her story that I just new I needed a Santa! With the help of my mom and my husband Joe I eventually collected some of her pieces. Featured here is the angel Gabriel blowing his horn, a Traditional Santa, a European Santa, Baby Angel and Long John Santa ... he is one of those featured in the museum! Her trade mark is the big circle eyes.

Added to the group is Lady Liberty, 4th of July Birthday girl and Uncle Sam. Mary learned to carve Nutcrackers from her grandfather when she was just a young girl. Her collection of Nutcrackers can be seen at

These two characters were purchased about 25 years ago. I was in our local mountain resorts and stumbled onto the Lumberjack Santa in a hardware store of all places. I loved him!! He is VERY tall and a blue bird is sitting on his shoulder. He was bought before the days of the internet search engines and Ebay. The store had no idea where he came from as their buyer was not there. Years passed and I found the angel! She has a small crow on her shoulder, I have since learned this was the artist signature to her art.

She has hair of nails and a cute little bell around her neck ....

Fast forward several years and I would receive these two pieces from my Longaberger Branch leader as year end awards!! How cool was that! This artists name in Pam Dyer and she is located in Winterset, Iowa.

Here I am with some of my treasured friends!

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  1. WOW!... Great Story, and I loved viewing the photo's! Thx for sharing... Ralph