Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Beautiful Winter's Day

"What a beautiful day" one of my crafters said that every time she stepped outside. She was right, it was a truly beautiful day in Southern California. Low 80's, clear skies and a gentle breeze floating through the sliding glass doors' Just the kind of day to spend working on a beautiful Christmas wreath.
I was up early setting the table with their supplies....

 I have my prototype completed ....

 The girls are eager to get started and are digging into their bag of goodies ... and "fluffing" their wreaths!
Tanya was done first! She did a great job for a first time wreath maker, woohoo!! 
It's lunch time, let's take a break. I served the girls a "box" lunch. They each received there very own Santa Belly box ...

I fixed Pink Cloud sandwiches ... Yummy soft buttermilk bread with cream cheese spread, red leaf lettuce, cranberry sauce and turkey! A perfect post Thanksgiving sandwich. A bag of Pirate Booty, Mint Truffle Kisses and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Oh my goodness it was so tasty!! 
 Back to work, next one finished was Corinne ....
And Ms. Pam had to be a bit different. She chose to use a warm brown gatehouse basket and dressed it up with our new Jingle Bell tie-on.

 A group shot! Great job ladies ... Pam was making faces ... hummmm, so she looks silly.       
Thank you Tanya, Pam and Corinne for participating in my holiday wreath making class. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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