Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Need to Stay OFF my own Blog!

 As the Thanksgiving holiday is rapidly approaching I found myself lurking on Audrey's 1840 Blog .... again. She had this awesome pheasant listed at such a great price that I kept going in and looking at it and telling myself "no, you don't need him." Well, last week he became mine. No, I don't "need" him, but he really looks nice on my dining room table. Anyone can buy a turkey at several chain stores. However, not many can have one of Audrey's pheasants!
 Even Betsy, the blog master was fascinated with him. She thought maybe Audrey sent him to her as a new toy but she quickly realized he belonged to ME!!

If you still haven't checked out her blog you should. Her work is just wonderful and she currently has two very cute Santa's listed on her TDIPT Mercantile. Audrey can be located under Bay Ray's Child.
Thanks again Audrey for your prompt delivery, my family and I are celebrating Thanksgiving a week early so Mr. Pheasant will be part of my centerpiece!

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