Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ah, What a Wonderful Day it Was!

After days of preparation and anticipation my Fall 2012 Longaberger Open House has officially come and gone ... The day was filled with laughter, good food, excited customers and most of all friendship.
The new products are set up and ready for the anxious customers to view! The little candy corn basket in the front is the tiniest basket the company has ever made ... just too cute!!

A little introduction to our new Christmas line, Basket Drums, I LOVE them to pieces.

Penny was in charge of foods, Rita arrived just in time to help with serving the Chinese Chicken Salad in Chinese food boxes.  My quilting buddies are just the best ever!!

Meet my new customer Pam! I must be telling her something really exciting since my hands are flying and so is my mouth! What a lethal combination that can be.

I just love the flaming Sunflowers I fond, so bright and cheery.

People have begun voting on the Ugliest Pan ...and there were some REALLY ugly ones there!

Marie started shopping just as soon as she hit the door. She didn't even take the time to put down her purse!

Meet Linda and Mary, mother and daughter Longaberger lovers. They were also first time customers for me and Linda decided to become a hostess. She lives in Santa Clarita ... Woo hoo  a whole new group to share my Longaberger passion with!

With Marty's help we were able to the house back into order before she left. Penny did dishes and put the kitchen back together. Now my job begins entering show orders, mailing out information to those who couldn't make it and finally getting a much needed nap!

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